Greetings.  Bienvenue.  Wilkomen.  I’m an analog being.  You may assess my chronos from that statement alone, or take it as it is.  This is my premier website; as my son says, I am a “newb,” which apparently is pronounced “noob.”  I once attended – very briefly – a brutal little school where I was a “nob.”  I am a military veteran, over two-decades service.  I am a Europhile, a “Sub-continent” traveler, a lover of East Asian aesthetics.  I am presently writing theater and essays.  I use analog and digital cameras – the latter because they are too damned convenient.  When one combines earth pigments, water, light and time, one has the perfectly embodied medium.  I am human, oh so human and now revel in it!  I am decolonizing my mind.  I know the woods and the suburbs, the interstates, and the coastal cities.  I drink tea.  This medium I shall use as occasion, history, context and need requires.  Thank you DARPA.

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